CAMILLE MOJICA REY, PhD is a freelance science writer, translating the latest in basic science, medicine, and healthcare for lay audiences. Her exciting work includes promoting top-notch academic scientists and their ground-breaking research and diversity programs, as well as serving as a writing coach and writing retreat facilitator for these experts. Camille also produces content for Continuing Education Modules for physicians and writes about the business of biotech for industry professionals.

CAMILLE has over 16 years of experience in SCIENCE COMMUNICATION. She has been on staff at newspapers and public affairs offices at major academic medical centers. Camille also served as a health editor at a New York-based magazine. She is equally passionate about the craft of writing as she is about communicating information that leads to better lives.

TELLING COMPELLING STORIES for and about people is what motivates Camille. From writing for the web to producing radio reports, Camille has covered everything forest fires to farmworkers’ protests. Promoting cutting edge programs and research, she has written about everything from a telemedicine program to cancer genetics. Tackling new topics is one of Camille’s favorite things to do.