CAMILLE MOJICA REY, PhD has been enjoying life as a translator and ambassador of science for more than 20 years. She is currently a FREELANCE WRITER based in Austin, Texas.

Recently, she has served as handled SCIENCE COMMUNICATION for Knowinnovation, a company that brings the science of creativity to the design and facilitation of interdisciplinary workshops for scientists. She writes a blog, maintains KI’s social media presence and is responsible for tracking the impact of KI’s events.

As a SCIENCE WRITER, Camille has been on staff at newspapers and public affairs offices at major academic medical centers. Camille also served as a health editor at a New York-based magazine.  Camille has covered everything forest fires to farmworkers’ protests. Promoting cutting edge programs and research, she has written about everything from a telemedicine program to cancer genetics. She has also written about underrepresented students in STEM. In the past few years, she has begun to facilitate workshops, including a workshop for undergraduate students in STEM, a writing retreat for scientists and a writing workshop for women in science.

Camille loves learning new things about the world and sharing it with others.